Swachh Bharat
मुख्य पृष्ठ विभाग व्यापार आवंटन

Trade Allocation

Business Allocation of Dept. of MPDAH

Matters of Policy Deal Within The Department:

  1. Animal husbandry including preservation, protection and improvement of stocks.
  2. Veterinary services, including prevention of animal diseases and their treatment.
  3. Veterinary research.
  4. Improved breeding.
  5. Fodder development.
  6. Biological Institutes.
  7. Departmental technical training.
  8. Registration of all types of slaughter houses.
  9. Supervision of slaughter and quality control in respect of meat.
  10. Poultry including breeding and promotion.
  11. Checking and quality control in respect of milk products, eggs and meat.
  12. Survey, Extension, Development and statistics pertaining to Dairy activities.
  13. Development and administration of Government Dairies.
  14. Registration under Milk and Milk Products Order,1992.
  15. Production, distribution and sale of Milk and Milk Products.
  16. All matters relating to the service with which the Department is concerned (other than matters allotted to the Finance Department and the General Administration Department.) e.g. appointments, postings, transfers, pay, Leave, pensions, promotions, provident funds, Deputations, punishments and memorials.