Swachh Bharat
मुख्य पृष्ठ विभागीय संरचना जैव उत्पाद

About the Department



Historical Background:


The institute of Animal Health and Veterinary biologicals, Rasalpura, Mhow(MP) is an important functionary of the veterinary Department of Madhya Pradesh for last 52 years.The institute was started in April 1949 at Gwalior and was named as 'MADHYA BHARAT VACCINES AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE,GWALIOR'. A major portion of it was shifted to MHOW in 1959 in view of specialised Biological Products division of MP. Veterinary College-Cum-Livestock resarch station, Mhow upto 1964. Later on it was named as "THE INSTITUTE OF BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTS MHOW". In the pursuance of the recommendation of the committee of biological products Government of India. The institute was redesigned as "THE INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL HEALTH AND VETERINARY BIOLOGICALS', MHOW in January 1983 till now it is working as such. The institute is registered under drug and Cosmetics Act 1940, "F1" schedule. All the products are manufactured and tested as per Drugs Act.


  • Large scale production of veterinary biologicals and other ancillary preparation as per demand of the field as per standard prescribed in drugs act " F1" schedule.
  • Standardization of all products manufactured in the Institute.
  • Timely supply of vaccine to the field staff as per their indent.
  • To advice Field Staff regarding all aspects of Vaccine and its use.
  • To participate in exhibition/ rallies enlighten public about importance and use of various biological products.
  • To publish a journal "VET" for the benefit of the field officers to update their knowledge.
  • To undertake pilot scale production of new products.
  • To conduct practical trainings,symposia, and seminar for field staff.


The main institute is located at Rasalpura, Mhow within the premises of Veterinary college campus of J.N.K.V.V along the Agra Bombay National Highway about 18 K.M away from the Indore city which is suitable for this institute run.


SNo. Name of the Vaccine Production Range(lakhs) Minimum Doses/packing Price(Rs.)
1. Haemorrhagic septecaemia Alum ppt vaccine 80-100 50 85
2. Haemorrhagic septecaemia oil adjuvant 2-5 100 600
3. Black Quarter vaccine 35-45 50 85
4. Anthrax spore vaccine 10-15 200 600
5. Enterotoxemia vaccine 3-4 50 90
6. Ranikhet 'F' strain Vaccine 30-40 100 20
7. Ranikhet Regular vaccine 40-50 200 35
8. Fowl pox vaccine with diluent 10-15 100 15
9. Swine fever vaccine 0.1-0.2 5 55
10. Anti rabies vaccine (multi dose) 0.3-0.5 1 course 140
11. Anti rabies vaccine (single dose) 7-10 1 25
12. Marek's disease vaccine (tissue culture-with diluent) 3-4 100 36
13. Sheep pox vaccine (tissue culture-withdiluent ) 0.4-0.5 100 85
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Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Rasalpura, Mhow (MP)
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