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About the Department


State Disease Investigation Lab Bhopal

To carry out Disease Investigation work in the state through a network of Laboratories located at various Divisional & District places. The state D.I. Lab. Bhopal is working as a reference lab to all Laboratories working in MP and Chhattisgarh states.


  • State disease investigation lab, Bhopal.
  • Divisional disease investigation lab - Sagar, Rewa, Gwalior, Indore, Jabalpur.
  • District disease investigation lab - All District

State Disease Investigation Laboratory, Bhopal

The lab is controlled by Deputy Director Veterinary Services (Disease Investigation). All the other laboratories are under the administrative control of their respective divisional and district heads, while technically controlled by state lab. Bhopal.


It Functions as a referral unit for diagnosis and extending expert opinion to various departmental institution like Veterinary Hospitals Veterinary Dispensaries Veterinary Health Centers addition it is also involved in Disease of national importance under the Centrally sponsored plan this includes Rabies Control unit of bhopal and Indore, Poultry Disease control Unit at Raipur and Indore, Brucella/TB control unit at bhopal and Indore, Pullorem Control Unit at Raipur and Jabalpur.

State Disease Investigation Laboratory, Bhopal

It is equipped with the following sections:

  • Parasitology
  • Microbiology
  • Meat Technology
  • Biotechonology-Elisa Lab
  • Poultry Disease
  • Zoonosis
  • Histopathology
  • Rabies control Scheme and Clinical Pathology.
  • Brucella and T.B. Control Scheme.
  • Toxicology.

Important Programs:

  • Parasitological Survey
  • Labs to Villages programme
  • F.M.D programme
  • ADMAS (Animal Disease Monitoring And Surveillance )
  • National Project on Rinderpest Eradication
  • National Programme on eradication of Rinderpest disease was launched by Govt. of India with the final assistance of European economic community. Under this programme the O.I.E. (Office International Epizootic) has set the pathway.

Important Achievements:

  • The state has completed the sere monitoring and sero surveillance work as per the O.I.E. pathology in stipulated time resulting the state is provisionally free from Rinderpest status.
  • The state lab was recognized by Govt. of India a collaborating centre of ADMAS Bangalore.
  • The state lab was also recognized for F.M.D. typing Center of Govt. of India.
  • Toxicology as a new branch has been established.
  • Three more Elisa Lab have been sanctioned at Indore Bilaspur and Gwalior and three new district D.I. Labs at Ujjain, Satna and Shivpuri.

District Disease Investigation Laboratories

The Laboratory functions as a DI unit for diagnosis and extending expert opinion to various departmental Institutions at district level. Besides this, it also conducts routine diagnostic work on the material received from the field Institutions.


Facilities available:

  • Routine pathological examination. Blood, Fecal, Milk, Culture & Sensitivity Screening of dairy animals for Brucella, Tuberculosis & Jhones Disease, Screening of Poultry farms for important diseases like Salmonillosis. Lab to Land Programme,Collection of sample of different Disease e.g. FMD, PPR, IBR, Swine, Fever, Rabies & other disease. These are tested at State DI Bhopal. ADMAS (Linkage) .
  • The lab has completed the National Programme on Rinder Pest Eradication successfully as per the O.I.E. mandate.
  • ICAR has recognized the State D.I. lab, Bhopal and sanctioned it Animal Disease Monitoring and Surveillance (ADMAS) Centre.
  • Sero- typing of FMD strains are being successfully carried out at D.I. Lab Bhopal.
  • Three more Elisa Labs have been started at Indore, Bilaspur, & Gwalior Dist.
  • Three New District DI Labs were sanctioned last year for Ujjain, Satna & Shivpuri.
  • Toxicology section (a new Section) has been established at state DI Lab Bhopal.
  • State lab has organised the seminar on Rabies, FMD, Zoonosis and ADMAS meet.
  • Officials of the DI labs were sent to various training programs at different national institutes.
  • Laboratory organization has entered the new information technology. State lab&All Divisional labs are computerized. There is a Programme to make the networking of lab through N.I.C. to use the benefits of Information Technology.
  • State lab is strengthened with latest technology by Government of India.